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Selected Publications

Fraser, E. (2019) 'The City’s Other Face: Modern Ruins and Urban Endings' in Jacobs, K and Malpas, J (eds) Philosophy and the City. London: Rowman and Littlefield. 


​Brock, T. & Fraser, E. (2018) Is Computer Gaming a Craft? Prehension, Practice, and Puzzle-Solving in Gaming Labour. Information, Communication and Society, 21(9: Work and Play).


Fraser, E. (2017) Unbecoming Place: Urban Imaginaries in Transition in Detroit. Cultural Geographies, 25(3). 

pdf    link

Wilmott, C., Fraser, E. & Lammes, S. (2017) ’I Am He. I Am He. Siri Rules’: Work and Play with the Apple Watch. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 21(1).

pdf   link


Fraser, E. (2016) Awakening in Ruins: The Virtual Spectacle of the End of the City in Video Games. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, 8(2).

pdf   link


Fraser, E. (2016) Tracking the Process of Abandonment: Victoria Lucas’ Decaying Urban Spaces. The Double Negative, 7/6/2016.


Fraser, E. (2014) At the Stage of Their Fate:  Salvaging the Urban Obsolete in Sydney. Societies, Special Issue on Ghost-towns: Cityscapes, Memories and Critical Theory.

pdf  link


Fraser, E. (2012) Urban Exploration as Adventure Tourism: Journeying Beyond the Everyday. In:Andrews, H. & Roberts, L. (eds.) Liminal Landscapes: Travel, Experience and Spaces in-Between.Oxon, United Kingdom: Taylor and Francis.

pdf  link


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